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Welcome to Computer Repair MS-I Consulting! We are your go-to computer repair company in the Union area. Our computer repair company was established in 2003, after years fixing computers for another company. After I finished working there, the customers we serviced came back to us, and we decided it was time to open up shop!

I, Scott M., the proud owner of Computer Repair MS-I Consulting, have been fixing and servicing computers in the North Jersey area since 1997. I have Microsoft certifications, and during the decades I’ve spent fixing computers, I’m confident that I have seen it all!

Give your computers the treatment they deserve and allow our highly skilled specialists to provide you with our far-reaching services now! We work with specific brands of computers or servers such as Windows.


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Allow our experts to repair your computer professionally and efficiently.

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Let us build a customized computer that suits your various needs and requirements.

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Add new life and enhance your computer with our professional upgrade services.

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